Toru Murayama

Toru Murayama


Toru Murayama received a Ph.D. degree in 2010 from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He was appointed Assistant Professor at Catalysis Research Center (now Institute of Catalysis), Hokkaido University in 2010. In 2015, he became a Project Associate Professor at the Research Center for Gold Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and he was promoted to Project Professor in 2016. From 2020, the research center has been integrated into the Research Center for Hydrogen Energy-based Society (ReHES). He has also been a professor at Yantai Key Laboratory of Gold Catalysis and Engineering, Shandong Applied Research Center of Gold Nanotechnology (Au-SDARC), Yantai University since 2020. He also joins Haruta Gold Incorporated, which is a company based on research at Tokyo Metropolitan University, from 2015. His research interests are in nanoparticulate gold catalysts and complex metal catalysts for environmental pollution and industrial process for saving energy. Over the years, this research has resulted in more than 95 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals and more than 30 patents.

Keynote presentation: 
Solid acid-supported gold nanoparticle catalysts prepared by the colloidal deposition method and their application for air purification

The results of our recent approach to catalyst development for the removal of impurities from air using gold nanoparticle catalysts are summarized. The colloidal sol immobilization (SI) method was developed for Au/Nb2O5 and Au/Ta2O5. These catalysts showed 100% conversion for CO oxidation at room temperature. Also, the Au/Nb2O5 catalyst also showed high catalytic activity in selective catalytic oxidation of NH3, showing 20% conversion with 100% selectivity to N2 at room temperature.

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